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This Sunday we will be diving into the entirety of 1 Kings 21. Last week we completed 1 Kings 19, and so we will be skipping over chapter 20 as we jump to our next Elijah narrative. Spend some time reading through both chapters 20 and 21 as you may see some of the themes we have been discussing, regarding Elijah feeling 'alone', come out in chapter 20. As you read through chapter 21, ponder some of these questions:

Why didn't Naboth just sell Ahab the vineyard?

Why does the Lord forbid the selling of the inheritance of his ancestors? (Look to Leviticus 25:14-17,23-34).

What happened to Jeroboam and Baasha?

How does Ahab's fasting in v.27 differ from those in v.4 and v.12? 

Explore the significance of verses 25-26 paired with 27-29. What does this say about our God?