During the Service

At Rolla Church, we deeply believe in the value of having children join and participate throughout the duration of our Sunday morning worship services. It is important to us that children get to grow up in the service, learning and experiencing life as members in the body of Christ. We appreciate and embrace the sound of children in our services.

For Children under 5 who are struggling to stay still and quiet in the service, we have a viewing room for parents and children equipped with toys for the kids to play quietly, a speaker to hear the service, and a large window into the sanctuary to still feel part of what is going on.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School takes place after the service from 12:00-12:30 pm except on a Potluck Sunday, where there is no Sunday School.

We have a Children's Sunday School class with kids 3-12 offered in more of a gather-round model with songs, a lesson, and something for everyone.